Dark yellow skin of women, do not know how to give skin anti-inflammatory, no wonder white up

In summer, it’s time to think about whiteness. Although the aesthetic style is changeable now, the pursuit of white skin is still not weakened. And about whitening skin care products and articles, whether it is lamb or Xiaoyan have mentioned several issues.
But recently, lambs still saw little people saying that they used several bottles to brighten the essence of skin, and their skin was still dark and yellow, rather baffling.
Many people throw the pot into the essence, and think that the essence is not effective. But it’s very likely that your skin looks “calm” on the surface. In fact, there is inflammation in your muscle base.
What is inflammation?
Inflammation is actually the response of our skin to external stimulation or defense.
In this process, our body’s immune cells will release inflammatory factors in the process of eliminating stimulus sources, such as ultraviolet rays, acne, too irritating skin care products, reddening sensitive skin, etc.
But inflammation is not only oil skin or sensitive muscle will have, even dry skin will also have inflammation, but different skin inflammation caused by different reasons. Even if there is no swelling, itching, red blood, acne and other healthy skin, there will be inflammation.
Oily skin is due to excessive oil secretion, mostly infectious inflammation, dry skin is barrier damage, non infectious inflammation.
And inflammation also has certain damage to the skin, the skin will gradually become sensitive and fragile, especially after the barrier is damaged, it is easy to be allergic, repeatedly acne rotten face, skin color naturally darkened.
This is what some people use no matter how much the essence of whitening is still useless.
So no matter whether your skin is inflamed or you feel that there is no problem with your skin, remember that prevention is more than repair, and the key to anti-inflammatory is prevention.
About prevention
Sun protection is done well and in place
The first step to prevent inflammation is what we often call sunscreen.
Ultraviolet is the “main killer” of skin inflammation, especially the sister of oily skin. If you don’t protect yourself from the sun for a long time, you will only secrete a large amount of oil on your face. If you have too much oil, it’s a feast for all kinds of bacteria. Even if you don’t like sunscreen, you should arrange sunscreen caps and umbrellas.
So anti inflammation is the first step, sun protection is the key.
Gentle cleansing
Many acne partners mistakenly think that they are not clean enough to cause inflammation, so they will use some strong cleanser.
However, facial cleansers with strong cleaning ability will have certain irritation. Long term use may reduce the skin’s tolerance, making the already fragile skin even worse, and healthy skin will also become the barrier damaged muscle.
So for the sake of conservatism, ladies and sisters, it’s better to choose a mild cleanser.
How to choose anti-inflammatory products
If you are normal skin, daily moisturizing, antioxidant work is in the anti-inflammatory.
An antidote against the disease is necessary. If you have inflammation, you should prescribe the right medicine, because the cause of inflammation is still more, and different skin should be chosen with different anti-inflammatory essence.
• purid essence 2
The treasure of national treasure is small, but word of mouth has always been good. The essence of this 2 is the hot product of their home.
The 2% olive oil leaf extract, No. 2, is the core active ingredient of olivine glycoside. It can enhance the activity of macrophages, inhibit inflammatory reaction, improve redness and pigmentation after inflammation, and improve the ability of skin to remove free radicals. Anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant capacity are very good.
It also contains 3% of the trans acid, which is familiar to many people and is very common in some brightening essences. And tranexamic acid also has a good effect of relieving reddening, which can reduce the reddening caused by capillary relaxation, and reduce the pigmentation caused by inflammation.
And it also added a strong osmosis ester to enhance the permeability of the essence, which can better promote the absorption of skin care products.
Its texture is very fresh, liquidity is very strong, absorption speed is very fast, not greasy, for oily skin, the skin feeling is really good. Its anti-inflammatory effect is not suitable for daily first aid, mainly long-term maintenance of stability, moistening things quietly make your skin better and stable.
Green bottle of baizhicui
Little green bottle is popular on the Internet. It focuses on mild redness, anti inflammation and soothing.
The main ingredients are cucumber extract, red myrrh alcohol and centella essence, which are all anti-inflammatory and repair, relieve and fade red.
In addition, there are olive oil leaf extract, VC β- Earthdextran can accelerate metabolism, inhibit inflammation, improve darkening, and resist acne. It can also strengthen skin and improve skin tolerance.
Like the strong ultraviolet rays in summer, sunscreen is not in place, resulting in redness, sunburn, it can also play a soothing role. Besides, it does not contain essence, alcohol or preservatives. It is mild and unirritated. It is also very friendly to sensitive muscles.
Naturally, there is nothing to be picky about the skin feeling. The texture of egg white is strong in fluidity, refreshing and easy to absorb. There is no sticky feeling, and there is no burden on the oily skin. Can be used as the essence of the use of the base, followed by superposition of other essence is also particularly refreshing. Its fading and brightening effect is very fast, and the visible red pockmarks fade away.
However, its moisturizing effect may not be enough for dry skin. It needs superimposition of cream or cream.
But the emphasis is on moderation, and now the price is very friendly, starting with no loss.
John Jeff 5% olive oil extract
It’s a cheap and easy-to-use barrel of domestic raw materials. It’s also a minority of domestic products.
The main ingredient of this essence is 5% olive oil extract, which is similar to the first ingredient in anti-inflammatory and repelling red.
Besides, it also contains 3% vitamin B5, 1% nonyl diamide MEA and various plant extracts of Sophora flavescens, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi and Glycyrrhiza inflata. It can strengthen the inhibition of histamine release, relieve redness, itching and tingling caused by various inflammation, and has the effect of calming the skin. Moreover, the oil control effect of nonyldiamide is also very good, plus a variety of plant extracts for anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and enhancing skin immunity.
Therefore, it can resist skin inflammation, remove swelling and give first aid when allergic, and improve the reddening state of skin. And can improve acne, fade acne, maintain skin stability. If there is acid brushing or alcohol a, it can also be used as an aid to reduce stimulation and prevent anti blackening.
It is the essence of the coffee color, the water is not sticky, the upper face absorption speed is not as fast as the first two, but fortunately not sticky, oil skin can also accept.
In short, if you want to brighten your skin, you must first fight against inflammation. Of course, anti-inflammatory is not only rely on skin care products, daily life diet is also very important, so you fairies should pay more attention to avoid high sugar, high oil food and don’t stay up late.
So that’s all for today’s content. I hope your skin is getting better and better. It’s more and more smooth on the anti-inflammatory and whitening road. Your skin is tender and white.

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