Champion of insulin activation

I believe you will find that when we were poor, there were very few people around us with chronic diseases, especially those with diabetes.

Instead, medical care has improved, people are living a richer life, and they are taking care of themselves more and more people are suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar.

Diabetes is also known as the “disease of affluence”, mainly because with the improvement of people’s living standard, food becomes more and more diversified and more desserts are consumed, which will affect the blood sugar level in the body.

Are sweets an “accelerant” for diabetes?
It is not clear to many that it is the one thing to avoid

But many people will find themselves clearly do not like to eat dessert, why also appear high blood sugar, or even turned into diabetes?
The most important thing is that you eat a lot of carbohydrates, which are converted in your body to gradually increase blood sugar in the form of sugar.

Therefore, for people with diabetes, it is not only desserts that need to be avoided. What should be avoided most is to eat less food rich in carbohydrates, which can help stabilize the blood sugar level in the body.

Some people with diabetes avoid sweets to control their blood sugar levels.
In fact, this approach is not completely correct. People with diabetes can eat a little dessert, but what they should really avoid is food rich in carbohydrates, and we often eat steamed bread, noodles, rice and so on, these staple foods rich in carbohydrates also need to eat less.

“Glycemic index” is not unfamiliar to people with diabetes. It mainly refers to the food that people consume in the body, and the blood sugar in the body becomes unstable due to continuous storage. Therefore, it is very important to control the food intake with a high glycemic index.

Warm reminder: GI>
Foods with high GI were 75 and those with GI≤55 were low GI

Although noodles are not sweet to eat, their glycemic index is as high as 81.6, and they are recognized as the king food of glycemic index. If eaten in large quantities for a long period of time, it is easy to cause a spike in blood sugar, which is not conducive to the control of blood sugar, and even lead to the worsening of diabetes.
So friends should limit their carbohydrate intake.

When the blood sugar in the body is high, it is necessary to seek medical advice in time and take drugs under the guidance of the doctor. In addition, food therapy can also be used to help stabilize the blood sugar level in the body.

Activated insulin champion, not bitter gourd, nothing open to drink, blood sugar slowly back to the safe line

When it comes to foods that stabilize blood sugar, bitter melon comes to mind first.
Moreover, bitter gourd is also known as “natural insulin“, because it is rich in bitter gourd saponins, which can help stimulate insulin secretion in the body and stabilize blood sugar level in the body. However, the champion of activating insulin in the body is not bitter gourd.

Black buckwheat: If you like to use black buckwheat in your tea, your body will thank you very much, because black buckwheat is also known as the “champion” of insulin activation.

Therefore, the common black Tartary buckwheat foam used in daily life can help stimulate insulin secretion in the body, activate islet cells, better stabilize blood glucose level, control blood glucose within a reasonable range, blood glucose slowly back to the safe line.

Plantain: Plantain is very common in the countryside and fields. Although it is insignificant, plantain is really a very good food for health preservation. If your blood sugar is high, you can stick to drinking plantain water.

Plantain water helps repair damaged islet cells and stimulates the secretion of insulin in the body, which is more helpful for stabilizing blood glucose level. Patients often insist on drinking water to help your blood glucose slowly back to the safe line.

Qingqian Liu: Qingqian Liu is a kind of pure green plant. It is very ideal to stabilize blood glucose by soaking fresh leaves in water. Besides, Qingqian Liu is also known as the activator of insulin.

If diabetic patients often use qingqian liu to drink water, it can help regulate blood fat in the body, reduce the level of triglyceride and cholesterol, protect the health of blood vessels, also help to accelerate the metabolism of the body, accelerate the consumption of sugar, let your blood sugar slowly back to the safe line.

Warm reminder:

If diabetics want to control the blood sugar level in summer, they must replenish water in time to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration increases the body’s burden, leading to a further rise in blood sugar and a vicious cycle. Therefore, it is important to replenish water in summer, but avoid bottled drinks, alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and so on.

In addition, no matter healthy people or people with metabolic diseases, proper exercise must be carried out. However, in summer, when diabetics take exercise, they must combine their own physique and do not overdo it.

Excessive exercise will increase the burden on the heart, and people will sweat a lot, which will easily lead to dehydration. At this time, it is more likely to cause nerve damage, affect sweat gland secretion, and lead to heat failure and heat stroke. Therefore, exercise is very important, but it should be moderate.

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