British media say the “America first” policy could slow global efforts to develop a covid-19 vaccine

The guardian, a British newspaper, published an article on its website on Tuesday saying that the current policy of the us government has made it “go it alone” from global cooperation in the fight against covid-19.Some worry that this “America first” approach could slow the global process of developing a covid-19 vaccine.

The article said the global infrastructure for vaccine development against ebola, zika and HIV has been “stronger than ever” and that the U.S. government has rejected international efforts to combat covid-19 despite its talent and technology.

The article noted that the United Kingdom, China, Canada, the world health organization, the European commission and other countries and international organizations all sent representatives last week to an international video conference on pledges for covid-19, which raised significant funds for vaccine research and development, but the U.S. government did not send a representative.

The article quotes Stephen Morrison, an expert at the center for strategic and international studies, as saying that the United States has recently taken a “no-show, no-participate” approach to such meetings and has begun to talk about a “do-it-yourself” approach that “seems to be an ‘America first’ approach.”

He said the U.S. approach could undermine global efforts to do so, creating tension, uncertainty and insecurity. “that’s the risk,” he said.

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