Bossonaro used his Christmas speech to attack the effectiveness of vaccines in China

Brazil’s president has again used a nationwide Christmas speech to attack Sinovac’s COVID-19 vaccine and the governor of Sao Paulo state, a political rival, ACCORDING to US media reports.
According to foreign media reports, Turkey has announced the efficiency of the third phase of China’s Sinovac vaccine, which exceeds that of the UK’s Oxford vaccine, on which Bossonaro has been relying. It is unclear whether Bossonaro’s remarks are intended to discredit or to play dumb.

“The Sao Paulo vaccine appears to have very little efficacy,” Brazilian President Jorge Bossonaro reportedly said in a live broadcast on social media on December 24 local time, without giving a specific source of information.
On December 23, the Butantan Institute, which has been conducting trials of the sinovac vaccine with the support of the Sao Paulo government, was reported to have planned to announce its effectiveness, but may be delayed by pressure from the Brazilian government.
Brazil was the first country to complete a phase III trial of the sinovac vaccine, and Turkey, which also did so, was the first to announce its effectiveness.

Turkish researchers announced On Thursday that the vaccine developed by Sinovac biotech is 91.25% more effective than the much-touted Astrazeneca vaccine from the UK (90%), based on the results of advanced trials and said it could be improved.
The researchers, from the Turkish government’s scientific committee, noted that they had not found any major symptoms during the sinovac trial and only one person had an allergic reaction after the injection, Reuters reported.
Turkey has agreed to purchase 50 million doses of the sinovac vaccine, with the first batch arriving on Monday, and Turkey will vaccinate about 9 million people first, with priority given to health workers, health Minister Fahrettin Koca said.
In an interview, Dimas Covas, the director of Brazil’s Butan Institute, said that an independent committee of five scientists was reviewing the results of the phase III trial of The Cochin vaccine and would confirm its effectiveness.
Mr. Corvas did not identify the experts but said they were from countries other than Brazil and China.
, according to media reports, clinical trials in Brazil found that firm sinovac biological development will be coronavirus vaccine efficacy of more than 50% (did not reveal specific effectiveness), while 50% effectiveness is set by the world health organization (who) will be coronavirus vaccine emergency use authorization minimum standards, Brazilian media said the test results will be submitted to Brazil and China’s drug regulators.

And astrazeneca and Oxford have more work to do to determine whether their COVID-19 vaccine is 90 per cent effective, according to peer-reviewed data published in the Lancet medical journal, which has been speculated to delay its eventual introduction.
Detailed results from the astrazeneca and Oxford trials, which were released last month, have been eagerly awaited, according to the report, amid criticism that they lacked information.
But the Lancet study offers few additional clues as to why only 62 per cent of those given two full doses of the vaccine responded, compared with 90 per cent of those given half a dose on the first dose and full dose on the second in a smaller subgroup.
In June, the Brazilian government announced an agreement with Oxford and the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca to buy 100 million doses of the potential vaccine, though it has yet to determine whether the Oxford vaccine is actually effective.
On October 20, Brazilian Health Minister Pedro Pazzullo announced the purchase of 46 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, which was developed by Sinovac and The Butan Institute of Research. But Brazilian President Jorge Bossonaro said On October 21 that Brazil would not buy the Chinese vaccine.
Brazil’s health ministry has also issued a statement saying it has no intention of buying Chinese vaccines.

Since the Chinese vaccine began phase III trials in Brazil, Brazilian President Bossonaro has been expressing doubts about the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine and has sharply disagreed with Sao Paulo State Governor Doria over whether to buy the Sinovac vaccine.
Doria, from the Brazilian Social Democratic Party, is the main political rival of President Jorge Possonaro of the Social Freedom Party and a potential challenger for his re-election in 2022.
Claudio Couto, a professor of political science at the Foundation for Retulio Vargas in Brazil, thinks Mr Bossonaro’s move is more about attacking Doria.
“Bossonaro wants to be a strong candidate for re-election, and that usually means making trouble for his opponents.”

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