Blockbuster!Virus problem solved?

Virus problem solved?
International eyes on China…
As of February 1, the world will be coronavirus infection status is still failed to get effective control, and under the catalysis of mutation is deteriorated sharply, accumulative total has reached 26.76 million cases of confirmed cases in the United States, and also found totally different from the domestic and the variation of the virus, you know, once the virus variation, so the development direction is not controllable, a mutated virus only increased in the infectious, the patient has not obvious changes in clinical symptoms and the vaccine is effective.
While the mutation in the United States is at risk of becoming more virulent and eventually rendering the vaccine ineffective, countries seem to have felt the threat and stepped up special research into the nature of the virus.

According to Russian media reports, the domestic can inhibit the spread of the virus, scientists found that the radiation and radiation on the human body can accept range, at present, scientists also repeatedly to test whether it is safe and effective, once the trial is successful, need not be afraid, we will be coronavirus is not monolithic either in front of us, some economic strength is shallow weak countries even if there is no vaccine aid also can overcome the difficulties by radiation, this will open the new situation that the resistance to disease in the world, also brought the dawn of victory.

In addition to the Russian, German scientists using computer technology to simulate the human environment, finally found that the guanosine monophosphate kinase (GK1) in the body of will be coronavirus has inhibitory effect, the virus in the body counter needs certain protein raw materials, and guanosine monophosphate kinase provide conditions for reproduction of the virus, if can use certain drugs stop kinase guanylic acid secretion, so will be coronavirus will not continue to reproduce in the human body, scientists are using animals in experiments, to evaluate the feasibility of the scheme.

Be worth what carry is, guanylic acid kinase for the human body is not completely unable to replace, the role of this enzyme is to promote the body metabolism, but the body can through other ways to avoid the need for guanylic acid kinase, will not cause any harm to health, no matter what kind of method is applied to the clinical treatment, the premise is safe and effective to human body, like Pfizer vaccine so obsessed with efficient, ignoring the basic security, the vaccine of the large-scale promotion in public speaking is not good.

Fortunately, we have stabilized the situation with Novel Coronavirus, and health experts say we will not see the kind of rebound seen in Europe even if the vaccine is not widely available.
In addition, the vaccine developed by Sinovac and Sinopharm has been recognized by many countries, which can be said to be the hope of all countries. Up to now, leaders of 10 countries have received the vaccine from Sinovac. We believe that with the combined action of the vaccine and new drugs, the global anti-epidemic situation will be completely controlled.

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