Bad news came from Norway, 23 people died after being vaccinated in the United States, and the Drug Administration: the risk is minimal

Since the United States announced the successful development of a new coronavirus vaccine in November 2020, Western media has called this achievement the “Normandy counterattack”, and there has been touted the vaccine. The two vaccines developed in the United States are both emergency listings under the background of insufficient testing. This is because the United States has fallen into a situation where the new crown virus is out of control. The strategy that could block the transmission of the virus by controlling social distance has been When the declaration failed, the White House chief of staff publicly stated that the United States has pinned its hopes on the new crown virus vaccine and therefore will not have other control strategies for the epidemic. The two vaccines in the United States have already begun the vaccination process, including many allies of the United States have purchased American vaccines.

   Now there is bad news from Norway. According to Norwegian media reports, in the process of vaccinating the mRNA new coronavirus developed by the United States in Norway recently, 23 people died after vaccination. The death cases in Norway after the new coronavirus vaccination are much more serious than those in Israel. Previously, Israeli media reported that 4 people died after being vaccinated in the United States. However, Israel claimed that the death cases had nothing to do with the vaccine itself, but this started the outside world. Question the risk of the US mRNA vaccine, because there have been cases of facial muscle stiffness after vaccination during the previous test. This article has not been published on EZ or S Fox platform.

Regarding the 23 people in Norway who died after being vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine developed by the United States, Sigder, chief physician of the Norwegian Medicines Agency, pointed out that the common side effects of mRNA vaccines may cause the death of frail elderly people, because all the deaths were over 80 years old. For this reason, the Norwegian Medicines Agency declares that the risk of mRNA vaccines in the United States is minimal, except for elderly people with poor physical conditions. This time Norway, like Israel, has “understated” the side effects of the new coronavirus vaccine developed by the United States, but the 23 deaths still give a strong signal to the outside world that the American vaccine is no longer a “myth”.

The two vaccines developed by the United States are mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines. This is the first large-scale use of such vaccines in humans. The usual vaccines are produced by fire-fighting and attenuating methods. However, the United States and Germany jointly The developed vaccine breaks through the routine, and the side effects of the mRNA vaccine after being vaccinated in humans are unknown. The characteristic of mRNA vaccine is that it is convenient for large-scale production, so the price will be relatively cheaper, but there are also harsh storage conditions, because this vaccine requires a storage condition of minus 75 degrees, which has caused huge vaccination in resource-poor countries. influences.

   Now the United States only provides mRNA vaccines to its important allies. Israel is one of the countries that have been vaccinated on a large scale. Allies in the United States are divided into three to six or nine grades, and Japan has not obtained large-scale acquisition of American mRNA vaccines. Judging from the testing and vaccination process of the mRNA vaccine in the United States, this vaccine has a great risk. Today, the United States no longer considers the risk of the vaccine, because for the United States, the vaccine is the only way out. 23 people died after vaccination in Norway, which is a wake-up call to the United States. Aviation Vision believes that if we look at the consequences of Norway’s vaccination, there will be many people in the United States who will not die because of the new crown but because of the vaccine in the future. This is not in accordance with scientific laws. The strategy of eager quick success and quick profit will come at a heavy price.

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