American experts reveal the truth of virus: artificial synthesis by P3 laboratory!

American experts reveal the truth of virus: artificial synthesis by P3 laboratory!
Our response.
As is known to all, the world’s main focus is concentrated on the source of the virus, because western countries almost completely annihilated, it makes countries more urgently hope to find the source, after the us constantly emphasizes the “Oriental” virus, which makes the international community will first survey is targeted at China, after consulting with the Chinese representative who decided to go to China for the third time in, we also made it clear that it would fully support the who survey, and decided to wuhan lab opening to the outside world, earlier this month, the who team security isolation period, then began an investigation into the work after the end of today working has basically come to an end,
The World Health Organization also announced the latest findings.

American experts is a member of the who team, Joanna, she said wuhan lab and will be coronavirus unrelated, all the samples in the lab has been completely inactivation, does not have spread condition, moreover also pointed out that Joanna China virus expert experimental attitude is rigorous, laboratory equipment is perfect, there are no leaks.
The only Australian member of the investigation team, Devell, also said that the city of Wuhan was only one of the targets of the virus, but not the source of the virus.

It is worth mentioning is, shortly before the United States intelligence expert Gregoni revealed that novel coronavirus is actually from the P3 laboratory in the United States, it is the product of virus expert artificial synthesis, and Indian origin scientist Hill also pointed out that novel coronavirus is his tutor to use gene fragment synthesis.
To sum up, it is not difficult to find that the United States is a stronger suspect. Rather than wasting time in China, WHO should go to various laboratories in the United States to conduct a comprehensive investigation, so as to obtain the results of the source as soon as possible.

According to the who survey results, we also respond, will be coronavirus outbreak we always do our utmost to other countries to provide assistance, and after receiving the who survey request, we also promise without hesitation and cooperate with, as an international power, China’s every move has absolute power, while the United States from beginning to end is on the way of resistance to disease, even if the outside world has now will focus on the country’s major laboratories, but the White House is still a dead pig is not afraid of scalding water.

As of Feb. 8, global will be coronavirus infection has exceeded 100 million, the United States, Britain, South Africa and mutation in the toxicity of the unknown viruses, the situation becomes more difficult to control, the latest research results show that astrazeneca vaccine almost had no effect on the mutation, this finding to aid vaccine has been hope countries in case of a bolt from the blue, for only to find out the source of as soon as possible, it is necessary for the United States as the prime suspect, should accept the who investigate.

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