About animals spreading the virus to people ten thousand minks were culled in the Netherlands

Concerned that an animal infected with a novel Coronavirus could transmit disease to humans, Dutch farmers began slaughtering minks under government instructions.

The Netherlands reported that 10 farms in the country had found minks infected with the novel Coronavirus, according to the Country’s Food and Supplies Administration.
“All mink farms with outbreaks will be cleaned up, not those without,” a ministry spokesman said.

The Dutch government ordered the slaughter of about 10,000 minks after determining that infected farms could be a long-term source of infection.

The First mink infected with a Novel Coronavirus occurred in the Netherlands in April.
In May, the Government confirmed two cases of animal-to-human disease, the only known case of animal-to-human infection since the global outbreak began.

Workers will wear protective clothing and use gas to kill minks and babies before the bodies are transported to the treatment plant, where they will be disinfected, the report said.

Some groups opposed to the mink trade say the outbreak provides a reason to close such farms altogether.

The Netherlands currently has 140 mink farms and exports 90 million euros worth of mink every year, according to the Dutch Federation of Fur Breeders.

A federation spokeswoman said culling was difficult for producers because animals infected with the new coronavirus showed few signs of disease.
The government will compensate the affected farmers.

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