A Russian woman infected with 18 different strains of the virus may have the world’s newest mutation, experts say

With humans to nature more development, more and more of the new virus is occurring, the current epidemic in global will be coronavirus is the embodiment of this situation, and in will be coronavirus in the spread of the global, more changes, also in this outbreak is telling the world an important news, the current human is in a more dangerous times.

A woman in Russia is infected with 18 variants of the virus

According to Russian media reports, a 47-year-old woman with malignant lymphoma in Russia has been infected with “18 variants” of the virus since she was infected with novel coronavirus during chemotherapy in April last year.

Although the woman had two of the same mutations as the Danish mink, she had not been exposed to it, which means the novel coronavirus in her body was mutated independently and did not require exposure to other mutated viruses.

Until last December, Russian scientists carried out several tests on the woman for Covid-19, and the results showed that the evolution rate of novel coronavirus in her body was much higher than the average evolution rate of novel coronavirus, with 18 mutations occurring within 132 days.

Experts say there may be the world’s latest mutant virus

According to Gantzburg, director of the Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, the novel coronavirus currently in the woman’s body may be the world’s newest mutant because it is not the same as the British variant.

At present, novel coronaviruses all over the world are rapidly mutating. For the virus itself, its main goal is dissemination and reproduction. Moreover, the current facts also show that the infection rate of novel coronavirus, including those from Britain and South Africa, is much higher than that of the previous novel coronavirus.

As the epidemic continues to spread, it is not known what kind of mutation will occur in the future epidemic. According to scientists from many countries, although the current novel coronavirus is rapidly mutating, there is no obvious evidence that it has the ability to resist the vaccine, so the public need not worry about whether the new crown vaccine is ineffective.

Many countries, including Russia, the United States and China, have launched mass vaccination campaigns, with large numbers of front-line workers at the forefront of vaccination efforts, but doses are still not enough to truly meet the standards of so-called “herd immunity.”

In addition, due to the large amount of vaccine purchased by the developed countries in the West, it will be difficult for many underdeveloped countries in the world to obtain the vaccine in a short time, which will make the global epidemic continue to worsen in the next few years. The new pandemic is highly likely to completely change the way of life of human beings and the model of global governance.

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